Is the Digital Revolution Stealing Jobs?

With the capital that went on to spark the digital revolution effectively built up in part during the Industrial Revolution, it’s rather ironic that a couple of generations later we’d be questioning whether or not the subsequent digital revolution is stealing away those jobs that were deeply-rooted in the Industrial Age. But is the digital […]

6 Factors that Affect Your Career Choice


Choosing a career is of high significance in the life of a student. It decides their future in life, which will either bring out a lucrative and comfortable lifestyle, or lead to depression. No one looks forward to ending up with the latter result, so it is important to understand the factors stimulating it. Some […]

What is an IP rating?

Some products and devices must work in the toughest conditions, which means they must be designed and built to meet certain standards. IP (Ingress Protection) rating standards must be met to ensure products can cope under different circumstances. The IP rating is a common standard across Europe and other countries outside of North America. It […]