Selling Houses to Younger Buyers

Younger generations like the millennials are now entering the real estate market. Apart from realtors and “we buy houses for cash” companies, millennials are now included in the demographics of home buyers. And because they now make up a large part of the market, a seller must adapt to target these buyers since they are […]

Finding Value is the True Essence of Bargain-Hunting

I suppose mine is one of many blogs which cover the art of bargain-hunting and saving money as a topic, with some blogs even dedicated to the topic in their entirety. In a world where the average person generally seems to have to fight to get a fair deal, it becomes of utmost importance to […]

Next warns of threat to Christmas sales

It was the last thing that investors wanted to hear before Next embarks on its crucial Christmas selling season. The fashion seller said yesterday that its trading was “extremely volatile” and warned that sales could fall again as it heads into the festive period.

New car demand drives leap in retail sales

Scottish retail sales rose in September as higher food prices led to a “bumper” month for grocers and healthy demand for clothes and smartphones helped to slow the decline in non-food sales.