Investing is an essential part of growing yourself financially and personally. You can’t expect to reach the next level without investing in the right opportunities. Of course, investing doesn’t always mean putting money into something; it can also mean putting your time, energy, and skills towards making something happen.

The most important investments to make in life, however, are investments in yourself. There are many ways you can better yourself and make good investment decisions. Here are the three most valuable ways you can get started.

Invest in Education

You can never go wrong with education, especially now that top universities like Ohio University Online are opening their online programs to more students. In the case of Ohio University, you can now choose from more than 20 graduate programs, including the Ohio University MPA program.

Online degrees are notoriously affordable. They are more affordable than the comparable offline course. The Ohio University MPA online course mentioned earlier is around 40% more affordable than a similar master of public administration degree.

Even better, you get extra flexibility when pursuing your master’s degree online. You can study at home or while maintaining a full-time career without breaking a sweat. Once the master’s degree is yours, it is easy to push your career forward or pursue new opportunities. If you are keen on building a crypto business development career or starting out in blockchain, then education in a similar field will be able to help you get to that point, for example.

Invest in Time Management

You only have 24 hours to spend every day, so time management is crucial. We tend to spend a lot of time watching TV – YouTube videos in my case – or doing nothing. You don’t have to substitute these activities for hard work, but there are ways to make the time you spend doing nothing more valuable.

I started watching videos about hydroponic gardening on YouTube and trying some of the DIY projects discussed in those videos. There are so many skills you can pick up on YouTube – and other sites too. These useful videos are still very entertaining, but they are also useful at the same time.

Better time management also means being more meticulous with your tasks and how you do them. This is something you have to try for yourself; try arranging your day carefully and you’ll be surprised by how much time you actually have for other things.

Invest in Trying New Things

With better time management helping you save time here and there, you can start thinking about trying new things. Experience is certainly worth investing in. The best activities will not only entertain you and bring tangible benefits but also expand your horizon and allow you to improve as a person.

Again, this is something you have to try for yourself. By traveling more, for instance, you can practice being better with your money and adapting to new situations. Helping local communities or participating in social movements help you connect with people; you can become an active part of the changes happening in your community.

All of these investments enrich you in more ways than you can imagine. These are some of the most valuable investments you can make when you want to start investing more in yourself.