Human beings have gone to the moon and back but still can’t manage to get this whole relationship thing right!

Even the most brilliant of minds, the likes of Tesla, died single because they just couldn’t meet the preposterous demands of relationships and marriage.

Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but today’s modern culture has tacitly made people believe that an ideal relationship is holding hands, cuddling beneath a beautiful sunset, and declaring boldly on social media with photos of their lovers. Plus who can forget the cheesy captions such as ‘Me and bae at Disneyland!’

An Obscured concept of love

Back in the day, love was more than just for the show. Couples would make efforts to so their love and impress each other with gifts and flowers. Some even use fragrances like True Pheromones that can make their partner enjoy their company romantically. Also, lovers would rarely kiss in public, let alone hold hands. If ever public affection was necessary, it really meant something. Each partner knew the role they had to play, and they would put up a performance that would best the gods.

Back in the day, getting into fights was considered healthy and normal for almost every relationship. Today, however, one small fight, and a relationship is over in a matter of seconds!

So what has changed? The truth is, due to social pressures, partners in relationships have been forced to suppress certain habits so as to display the so-called ‘normal’ relationship that we see today.

Interestingly, it’s suppressing these healthy habits that’s promoted the ‘onto the next one’ culture that is so prevalent in the dating scene today.

That being said, here are 4 healthy relationship habits that most people think are toxic.

  1. Leaving Some Conflicts Unresolved

Sometimes, it’s good to just let things slide. One doesn’t have to always put their partner on the spot each and every time they make a mistake. In fact, this is what conjures up that little voice in one’s head that maybe, just maybe, they have a nagging lover.

Let’s face it, no one’s perfect. Mistakes happen. So sometimes the best thing to do is let a conflict slide once in a while.

  1. Being bold enough to hurt one another’s feelings

The sad thing about people being so PC these days is that they don’t have the guts to be straightforward anymore. “Honey, does this dress look nice?” “Yes it does hun, you’re perfect!” Despite the fact that her dress makes her look like a tangerine. It’s always good to be honest, no matter how hurtful it is to the significant other.

One can always apologize later. Perhaps take them out for dinner, buy them a gift, or if they are active coupon enthusiasts, get them Ecoupons Hub Coupons.

  1. Having the guts to end it when it turns sour

Romantic sacrifice is the biggest lie that’s fed to the masses today. In almost every movie, there’s always this desperate, needy character who keeps on embarrassing themselves because they are madly in love with someone that doesn’t love them back.

Newsflash, there are 7 billion human beings on planet earth. Chances are high that there is someone out there who might just click with another. So stop wasting time with a meaningless relationship!

  1. Spending time apart

Ever heard of space? Yes, even the universe has that. So it doesn’t make any sense why some partners wouldn’t want to give their lovers a little bit of solo-oxygen once in a while for their lungs. In fact, spending time apart is essential to keeping the spark alive for any and every relationship.