5 Transferable Skills You Learn From Studying Online

Learning new things isn’t just about what topic or major you are studying. While you study these areas, you are also developing a host of other skills during this experience that you can use in the outside world. Transferable skills are valuable in the workplace and can help to make your job easier in the long run. There is a host of things you can learn while studying online which in most cases you won’t even know you’re doing, but these can translate well in real-life applications and contribute to improved productivity and organization in daily tasks. If you’re embarking on an online program, take a look at some of the skills you’ll use that can be transferred to everyday situations.

Time management

This is one of the most valuable assets in your skillset in both life and work tasks and can help to bring priorities into check to ensure things are done in a timely and accurate fashion. While you learn you will often be juggling other commitments such as work, life, and social events so learning how to manage all of these and still make time to be successful in your learning is crucial for making everything work in harmony.

Organization skills

Being organized goes hand in hand with time management, and when you’ve mastered the above the rest often falls into place. Establishments that provide programs for distance learning such as New Hampshire College online encourage and support you every step of the way, which enables you to plan and manage your schedule effectively to boost your productivity and success. This support helps to get everything organized and makes you feel confident in what you can achieve.


Online learning environments are a hive of activity and social camaraderie, so networking becomes an everyday skill that you develop over time. This confidence to chat with peers and tutors about your work and progress will help you to communicate more effectively with people in everyday life, especially at work. Networking is a vital part of building your reputation in career situations and can help people to get to know you and your skillset on a deeper level.


As you study, you will be making decisions on a regular basis. Primarily you will be making decisions about whether you have the right answer or not. This process is backed up by the knowledge and reasoning you have learned from your online course, and this can be transferred into work-based situations. Building the confidence and learning the skills to make informed decisions will assist in helping you to explain your choices to colleagues and present your findings in an informative way.



As you learn you will be researching and learning what works best to find the solution to a problem. This transferable skill is essential in everyday situations, as it enables you to research and select suitable answers to make an informed decision. Effective research also helps to reduce errors and solidifies your findings to others.