PayPal ExpressCard is compatible with some Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal ExpressPay. It is available to any user with an account linked to PayPal’s ExpressPay service, including the 300 million users of its credit card service.

Many people look at an app like Venmo and wonder why PayPal doesn’t offer this service, but perhaps the company doesn’t see that as a competitive threat to itself. Using ExpressCard would let users pay with their phones to their PayPal accounts, while also allowing them to send and receive money from their PayPal accounts through ExpressPay. Venmo would still be used to pay with the ExpressPay terminal, and then have the money deducted from PayPal’s ExpressPay account.

There is no risk of the user’s PayPal account having their credit card information stolen, since credit card information is not stored on the ExpressCard service. There is also no risk of an ExpressPay terminal being hacked, as ExpressPay terminals are supposed to be disconnected after being idle for more than three hours.

When PayPal makes a move like this, it means that it doesn’t see a threat to its current model, but rather one that could overtake it, at least in some areas. PayPal ExpressCard isn’t meant to replace any of PayPal’s current payment services, like PayPal Credit, PayPal Wallet, Venmo, PayPal Checkout, PayPal Here, or PayPal Buy. Even ExpressPay could be used to pay with a PayPal credit or debit card, instead of paying in cash to the store. There is no guarantee ExpressCard will ever replace ExpressPay, but it could become more popular over time.

While not a competitor to PayPal, Skrill, a UK-based payment service, offers a similar service that offers a card in the mobile app of its services. Any supported paypal casino UK residents can now also sign up to probably supports Skrill as well. Skrill’s card is called Skrill Signature Card. Skrill Signature Card allows Skrill users to pay with any Skrill credit or debit card. It also offers free ATM access. Skrill Signature Card also allows users to make cash withdrawals, without charges.

For those who don’t use PayPal Credit or Paypal Wallet, using Skrill Signature Card or another card would allow users to make purchases on certain websites without entering their credit card information. That is much better than using a virtual credit card to pay at an online store, because the person will not have the credit card number written down in a transaction log, but simply have the amount charged to their account and credit card number entered as payment.

On those sites that require users to enter a credit card number, such as Amazon, Apple’s iTunes Store, and Google Play, those cards are sometimes protected by password or PIN requirements, making it easier to steal a credit card number that has not been entered, than it is using a credit card number without a pin or password. Those other sites are protected by Amazon or Apple security codes, which requires a credit card, password, or PIN entry. That PIN entry is the number that is entered when you charge to an ExpressCard or PayPal ExpressPay account, but not the credit or debit card number.