Which Things Should You Buy

The availability of more choice in the market has made product satisfaction a thing of the past. The more products we see on supermarket shelves and clothing stores, the less satisfied we are with what we buy. This is a scientifically proven phenomenon. If you thought shopping is a therapy, you may be disappointed to know that it has ceased to be so.

So how do you differentiate between things that you should buy and the ones you should not? Its simple. Just read this small guide and you will know.

Buy only what you need

The best way to ensure satiety is to buy only the things that you need. You can leave only a small portion of your money for things you desire. For example, you ‘need’ fruits and vegetables for getting a nutritious diet each day. However, you can have an occasional ‘cupcake’ or ‘ice-cream’ too. Follow this method everywhere in life and you will actually be happy.

Limit your choices

Giving yourself unlimited choices is a surefire way to buy things that won’t be useful for you. The idea is to limit your choices to such an extent that you find amazing clothes to wear, great food to eat and bring the best gadgets and appliances home. The idea is not to settle for less but to find what your preferences are stick to them. Creating a certain style statement, selecting a specific kind of foods to eat etc. can help you in limiting these choices greatly which could be very helpful in saving money as well.

Quality over quantity

Go to the best theaters, buy only organic produce, opt for local farmer’s markets instead of supermarkets’ grocery sections and dine only in goof restaurants. This means that you won’t be eating out too frequently or visiting the local supermarket too often. However, the penchant of quality that it brings to your life helps you in making life better.

Buy timeless things

This is especially true for clothes, furniture and other products where ‘design’ is an important part of buying decisions. Buying timeless pieces will turn out to be better purchasing decisions than buying ‘trendy’. The fashion industry is notorious for changing trends way too quickly and then repeating them over and over again with slight modifications. However, you could also get some basic pieces coupled with a few trendy pieces that will keep your wardrobe fresh and classy. Any quality cloth will last for at least 2 to 3 years. If you can’t wear something next summer because it will look stale, there is no point wasting your money on it.

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