If you are concerned that your career is starting to stagnate, or that you have reached a ceiling you can’t seem to push past with your current skills, qualifications or experience, then one obvious way to address this is to do a master’s degree geared towards executive level work, such as the Norwich University masters in leadership. There are many master’s degree choices out there that can help a business-minded person expand their knowledge and grow their career, such as a business sustainability degree, for example. All MBA’s are helpful to those looking to further their career.

A degree that focuses very specifically on the skills needed to take on high pressure, high powered executive roles can be exactly what you need to turbo-charge your career progression and get you out of a middle management slump, and with great colleges like Norwich University now offering this kind of master’s program as an online course, it is possible to take it on while continuing in your current job.

However, doing a master’s degree part-time is a big undertaking, and so it is a good idea to be sure that now is the right time to start before you begin investing time and money into it.

Do You Have Enough Professional Experience Yet To Really Leverage A Leadership Masters?

Business and leadership master’s degrees are designed for people who already have some professional experience, for instance, people in supervisory or middle management positions who want to go to the top tier. This means you won’t get the most out of the course if you don’t have enough real-world experience you can relate to what you are learning. If you are not at that level yet, then while the course may be interesting, it isn’t yet the right time to really get what you want out of it – it is best to wait until you have a few years of related experience.

Do You Have Time To Commit?

Most people find it possible to do their online masters degree in leadership while also working, if that is what they want to do, and some companies will even support this and allow extra time off for exams and study. Do make sure, however, that you’re not taking on too much. While you can work at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete the program, if your personal life is extremely busy at the moment and you can’t see yourself scheduling in very regular study sessions, you may need to think about how you can clear space to allow you to commit to getting this degree.

Are You Keen To Get To The Next Level?

If you feel ambitious right now and want to do everything you can to take your career higher, then you probably already know that the degree is a good investment to make. However, if you are actually happy where you are at the moment, there is no reason to feel pressured to start putting time and money into a degree course – you really will know when the time is right to really focus on your career, and there is no shame in saying that that time isn’t now.

If you have read this and decided that you are ready to start working towards a leadership masters and the next phase of your career, then why not start looking into online degree options today?