Economics of Vaping

Vaping is commonly perceived as an alternative to cigarette smoking, or smoking using a dab rig starter kit and has been rising in popularity. This is due to several factors including smell, equipment compactness, flavor profiling, and more. There are many types of vapes out there that people can use, as well as a myriad […]

Move or Improve?

The decision between moving to a new home and improving your current one can be a really tough one to make. We explore the pros and cons of moving versus improving, paying attention to the costs involved and the options you’d have to fund your home improvement at no extra cost.

Gifts for Those You Love

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing freelancing being a viable way to earn a living. According to a lot of blogs out there, there are people who earn six figures by Doing This and Doing That. But what about the rest of us?

Mastering the Art of Negotiating

Mater negotiators don’t become like that overnight. It’s a skill that they’re constantly developing and honing. Consider different solutions to negotiation challenges and you’ll realize that mastering the skill is a lot easier than you thought. If you want to master what is indeed the art of negotiation, there are some daily exercises you’ll have […]