What is an IP rating?

When it comes to gadgets and gizmos that brave the elements, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Enter the IP rating, the unsung hero of durability standards across Europe and beyond. Let’s find out the nitty-gritty of what those cryptic numbers on your device really mean. What do the numbers mean on an […]

Why Amazon is under fire for its health and safety record

For large multinational companies having sound management of health and safety is crucial. It can help to protect the business from potential lawsuits and improve the mental and physical health of employees. However, as companies look to grow and improve their efficiency this can often lead to a fall in health and safety standards. Amazon […]

How investing in legal consultancy can help to transform your business

Legal consultancy can be the ideal solution for businesses that have an in-house legal team already, but who want the extra guidance and expertise to drive their team forward and improve the way they do business. Their main focus is to provide legal advice by investigating the sector that their client operates in and offering […]

What is a tote bag and why should your business use them?

Simply put, a tote bag is a large bag suitable for carrying lots of stuff. These bags have parallel handles, and whilst they are traditionally open at the top they can also have a fastening. Tote bags can be made out of cotton, jute, canvas, and other materials so they are the perfect eco bag […]

Where to stay in Crete and how to get around

By the time you actually set foot on Greece’s biggest island of Crete, the reality of the picturesque surroundings you’ve been dreaming of hits you in a way you might not have anticipated. You definitely won’t be disappointed. If anything, the actual reality is more majestic than what is suggested by any pictures or videos […]

Smart Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process

While the hiring process has always been susceptible to new trends, the impact of technology has transformed recruitment over the last decade. From new ways of finding people to the personalization of job searches, there are now a variety of tools available that are able to make a very real impact on the hiring process. […]

Finding Value is the True Essence of Bargain-Hunting

I suppose mine is one of many blogs which cover the art of bargain-hunting and saving money as a topic, with some blogs even dedicated to the topic in their entirety. In a world where the average person generally seems to have to fight to get a fair deal, it becomes of utmost importance to […]