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How to organize your finances

If it makes you mad when you realize you’ve overlooked a credit card payment and you end up paying a past due fee, or when you accidentally overrun your checking account overdraft, then it’s high time to get organized and improve your financial situation. That is…... CONTINUED

Great Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Online shopping is quickly replacing the practice of physically visiting a store and making purchases, as people lead busy lives and online shopping is convenient, safe and quick. Online shopping websites have also recognized customers’ love for discounts and good bargains, which is another as... CONTINUED

USA Average Salaries

How much money is enough? That question may not be so difficult to answer, but what about the question of how much you are worth? Many people evaluate their self-worth by comparing themselves to other similar people within their age bracket; nobody likes to feel like…... CONTINUED

Top Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly RV Trip

Planning a dream vacation can seem great until you start adding up the costs. Let’s say you want to go on a trip to a Caribbean island. You have to factor in the costs of airfare, transportation when you’re on the ground, your hotel, food and…... CONTINUED

How to Keep Your Next Degree Affordable in the Long Run

The recent changes with the GOP tax plan and various other changes proposed by the Trump administration are affecting students in more ways than previously predicted. The tax changes alone are stopping many future students and professionals from pursuing a higher degree and fulfilling their dreams.... CONTINUED