Where to stay in Crete and how to get around

By the time you actually set foot on Greece’s biggest island of Crete, the reality of the picturesque surroundings you’ve been dreaming of hits you in a way you might not have anticipated. You definitely won’t be disappointed. If anything, the actual reality is more majestic than what is suggested by any pictures or videos […]

Smart Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process

While the hiring process has always been susceptible to new trends, the impact of technology has transformed recruitment over the last decade. From new ways of finding people to the personalization of job searches, there are now a variety of tools available that are able to make a very real impact on the hiring process. […]

5 Tips to Transfer Currency

If you have ever traveled abroad, sent a money transfer to a family abroad, or made payments for international trade, you know that changing currency can be cumbersome, especially with smaller currencies or even cryptocurrencies. Finding banks, online marketers, or the streets of an unknown city to get the best prices can be time-consuming and […]

Economics of Vaping

Vaping is commonly perceived as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. They deliver nicotine to the user without exposing them to harmful chemicals such as butane. Vaping is widely recommended for smokers that are trying to quit since it delivers the smoking experience just like cigarettes, but with minimal health consequences. This characteristic of vaping […]

Move or Improve?

The decision between moving to a new home and improving your current one can be a really tough one to make. We explore the pros and cons of moving versus improving, paying attention to the costs involved and the options you’d have to fund your home improvement at no extra cost.