For large multinational companies having sound management of health and safety is crucial. It can help to protect the business from potential lawsuits and improve the mental and physical health of employees. However, as companies look to grow and improve their efficiency this can often lead to a fall in health and safety standards. Amazon is one of the latest corporations that has faced large scale criticism for its lack of proper health and safety care for employees. Keep reading to find out more about why the company has come under fire.

Amazon warehouses have a very poor record for health and safety

An estimated 600 Amazon workers are thought to have been seriously injured or narrowly escaped a serious injury in the past 3 years. Despite a campaign by the company aimed at showing the contentment of workers, safety standards have not improved and may be getting worse. One worker lost consciousness after a head injury which was due to the overfilling of containment baskets. The accident investigation determined that the incident was due to the lack of the presence of a safe and proper working environment.

The safety record has attracted wide criticism from members of the public in addition to many MPs. Many feel that if the company stopped spending millions on PR trying to portray the warehouses as a great place to work, and more on improving the health and safety of the warehouses themselves, workers would be much safer.

Amazon workers may have an increased risk of ill mental and physical health

The poor record on incident health and safety is not the only concern when it comes to Amazon. One expert claims that Amazon workers in the warehouses will have an increased risk of mental and physical illness. The intense time pressures workers are expected to work under often creates a toxic working environment in which people feel uncomfortable talking to each other and increasing the sense of isolation. This leads to a lot of days lost due to poor physical and mental health.

What can my company do to avoid the poor practices exhibited at Amazon?

The practices shown by Amazon are thankfully not typical of most organisations. However, the lack of proper investment in health and safety in the warehouses may come back to haunt Amazon in the future. The introduction of safeguards that protect employee’s mental health in addition to less demanding working conditions will improve a company’s health and safety and can lead to greater efficiency in the long run.