While the hiring process has always been susceptible to new trends, the impact of technology has transformed recruitment over the last decade. From new ways of finding people to the personalization of job searches, there are now a variety of tools available that are able to make a very real impact on the hiring process. Finding the candidates to more perfectly fit your available positions has never been easier, and the latest trends and tech are now a requirement for HR teams and those that use them. Recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming action, and the smallest mistake in hiring can have a big impact on company culture and productivity. Here are the smartest ways to ensure that your recruitment process is running at maximum effectiveness.

Social recruitment

HR teams that are not yet using social recruitment are missing out on a big opportunity. Social recruiting is one of the biggest and most important hiring trends of the last decade, and up to 92% of recruiters are already using it to find the best people for their respective brands. Using LinkedIn as the foundation that allows you to build a professional network of connections means that you will be able to find the people that are attracted to your brand. The easier communication makes applications and assessments far easier than traditional methods of finding the top talent your company needs.

Automation is Vital

There’s no disputing the fact that recruitment can be a complicated process that will need strategic planning and some meticulous attention to detail. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed by measuring data and reading resumes. Technology is able to make the process far easier and much faster. The challenge is knowing when and where to be smart about using automation in recruitment. Automated HR tools used in the recruitment process can not only save you time and money; they can also be fully customized to meet the needs of your brand.

Collaboration and Transparency

Open collaboration between departments is more important than ever in a consumer-powered business landscape. You need to have the tools and resources in place that allow for easy communication, as well as a corporate culture that encourages open collaboration. This will be essential for the hiring process because the more that you understand the needs of your team, the easier it will be to identify the necessary skills that your hiring applicants will need. Make sure that you encourage the use of employee engagement surveys from Inpulse so that you always know what your team needs.

Be Ready for Mobile

For people looking for jobs, the mobile phone has made it easier than ever. Unfortunately, far too many businesses focus on making their customer-facing web presence as fully optimized for mobile as possible, but forget about the back-end. When up to 68 % of job seekers between the ages of 18-25 use their mobile devices to search for jobs, it should become apparent that optimizing for mobile is becoming one of the key necessities for an up to date HR department. Consider the demographics of the talent that you’re hoping to recruit, and aim for maximum visibility in order to have a wider pool to choose from.

No matter how well you execute your recruitment strategy, you will have less effectiveness if you are relying on outdated methodologies and technology. Get updated, and your recruitment strategy will have more effectiveness, more impact, and ensure that your company is only recruiting the brightest and best candidates.