If you are an international business you will probably have clients that are diverse both in terms of location and culture. This can have big implications for SEO. Keep reading to find out the finer points of how various cultural differences can affect your websites SEO.

Keyword research

The way people search, use search engines and look for products they are interested in differs depending on what country you are looking at. This can have implications on your SEO, as you may have a page optimised for a search term not used in a country you may look at targeting in the future.

An example is the differences in language between those in the US and those in the UK. Whilst both nations operate primary in English some phrases are different and this requires a more tailored SEO approach. For example, the search term chemist (blue) is a lot less prevalent than the search term ‘drugstore’ in the USA. The inverse is true in the UK. This is because chemist is a British English term.



Website design

Interestingly enough, the design of websites varies from country to country, and this has implications for your businesses SEO. Current research shows that many Asian countries like China and South Korea feature much more text on their webpages than in western nations.

This may mean you will have to increase the text on your page to appeal to your new market. This will also have implications for your businesses SEO. Keep in mind your sites current keyword density and text ratio to ensure they are as best optimised from an on-site SEO perspective as possible.

From a design point of view, colour can also have big implications for international SEO. Purple, for example, is a colour associated with royalty in many western countries whilst in countries like Thailand and Brazil it is considered the colour of mourning. Keep this in mind when designing the site for a new culture.

Website content

We all want content that feels tailored and suited to us, this is one of the challenges of delivering content that’s good for different cultures and good for SEO. With that in mind, make sure you get the basics right. Use local languages, currency and terminology to make sure they get the most out of your website.

Find an agency proactive in overcoming SEO cultural issues

As shown, there are a great many stumbling blocks that your business may come across in international SEO. To ensure your business is as well optimised as it can be to the countries you are targeting make sure you find an SEO agency that is proactive in improving your site’s content.