Event management is, at times, highly stressful. All the anticipation and preparation for the event usually builds up to one day which a lot of the time does not go fully to plan.

Depending on the type of event you are offering, you may or may not be disturbing mementoes and takeaways to the attendees for your event. If you are, branded paper bags could be a great way to get your attendees to remember the event. Even if you are only a few weeks out from the big day, here are some of the benefits of ordering some express paper bags for your event.

  • They give you something to give to your attendees when greeting them

When greeting the attendees of your event it can sometimes be difficult to find topics of conversations for small talk. However, if you get some express paper bags you will have the perfect talking point to spring conversations from, especially if the bag is exceptionally well designed with an interesting colour scheme.

  • They help you spread brand awareness to your target market

Whilst brand awareness probably isn’t the top of your priority list for the event, it is a topic area that cannot be overlooked. Ordering express paper bags with your logo on will help reinforce your brand in the minds of your attendees and make them more likely to attend future events. We recommend keeping the design of the bag simple, maybe just your logo and a few words in your strapline.

  • Paper bags help you appear environmentally conscious 

Event businesses are sometimes criticised as they can come across as quite bad for the environment. The fuel it takes to get attendees there on the day in addition to the waste produced through consumables and disposable products is often viewed as unsustainable. If you can order some express paper bags for your event you will benefit from the perception that paper bags are good for the environment. This will help you appeal to new attendees who may be increasingly environmentally conscious.

Express paper bags are hard to come by, so find the right supplier

Paper bags that come with your branding and designs are inherently quite a bespoke product. This can make it a challenge to order them and have them delivered within a certain time frame. The Paper Bag Co offers some of the shortest lead times in the business to express bags that will ensure you get the bags in time for your event.