Simply put, a tote bag is a large bag suitable for carrying lots of stuff. These bags have parallel handles, and whilst they are traditionally open at the top they can also have a fastening.

Tote bags can be made out of cotton, jute, canvas, and other materials so they are the perfect eco bag option!

What are tote bags used for?

Tote bags can come in many different colours and you can now find patterned ones all over the place, with more companies investing in bespoke tote bags to give to their customers as an alternative to plastic.

Tote bags are massively versatile and are large enough to carry a whole range of items in making them perfect as shopping bags, whilst many even use them in daily life as a replacement for a handbag.

These bags are also a great option for conference bags or event bags, as they are easily customisable and can have a variety of designs printed on to them dependent on material, colour, and design choice. Many festivals such as Glastonbury have tote bags for their events too to give a memento and for further marketing.

Why you need custom tote bags for your business

The wonderful thing about tote bags is that they can be used for almost anything, from home storage for those who are trying to be more efficient to a handy gym bag.

Tote bags aren’t just limited to one material and can be made from cotton, jute, canvas, or polypropylene depending on what suits the needs of your customers and which fits best with your brand identity and your customisation needs.

Almost all eco bags can be easily customised, allowing for you to add your branding or more elaborate bespoke designs to your bags to make them really stand out amongst the crowd. You can add your own design or logo and even create seasonal designs to encourage your customers to purchase more.

Plus, these bags will show to customers that you are making positive changes and helping to combat the use of plastic within your business.

Tote bags are everywhere and they’re not going to be going out of fashion any time soon. Get in touch with an eco bags manufacturer to further discuss your tote bag options.