Legal consultancy can be the ideal solution for businesses that have an in-house legal team already, but who want the extra guidance and expertise to drive their team forward and improve the way they do business.  

Their main focus is to provide legal advice by investigating the sector that their client operates in and offering legal advice which is relevant to this sector and the business that their client does.

However, some firms are more than this and will be able to offer businesses of all sizes the solutions in all businesses areas to transform legal teams so that they are at the height of efficiency, delivery and results. 

Consultancy teams are made up of legal experts, who will work with the people within a company to transform their in-house legal team, support business strategy, and achieve organisational goals. 

Legal consultancy can improve the way teams are working in three key areas:

1. Efficiency: Maximising productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense
2. Effectiveness: Getting the results a business wants
3. Empowerment: Giving teams the confidence and skills to achieve more

Whilst legal consultants primarily offer legal support and guidance on any legal obligations or issues a company may need to be aware of, they can also help to improve the overall effectiveness of in-house legal teams and the work that they produce.