Here Is How to Create A Great Wardrobe and Look Awesome

I see so many people trying to follow a celebrity fashion trend that would not sustain for the next 12 months. While it is great to always stay trendy, this fashion habit is making you lose thousands of dollars. This is not all, you will always be under severe pressure to change your wardrobe according to changing seasons.

Does this not look too overwhelming for a person who doesn’t have an army of makeup artists, hair stylists, fitness experts, fashion experts and photographers around them?

Of course, it does and this is why I will help you in creating a great wardrobe that you could be proud of. You will look good, even without succumbing to the pressure of dressing according to trends. Ready? Here we go.

Clean your closet

You have to take out every piece of clothing and accessory you own and check which one doesn’t fit you well. Make a separate pile of these clothes. Give them away in charity or conduct a yard sale. You could earn some money with these clothes that were lying in your cupboard and not being used. Next, go ahead and make some space for new clothes and accessories. If you have some more time, mix and match all your clothes to see what works best on your body.

Find your style

No, wearing whatever is in vogue for the season doesn’t qualify as a style statement. You need to decide, once and for all, what your fashion sense really is. Do you like fitted clothes, do you like a certain pattern, are you more conservative or more adventurous with your clothes? Answer these questions and define a certain style that suits your personality, your personal values as well as your body shape. Your profession can also be considered while defining your style.

Research online

Find out which clothing styles that match your style statement the most. Start saving images and capturing screenshots of the kind of clothes you want to buy. Then build a repository of styles, stitches, fits etc. and use it later to buy the clothes you want. It is always better to start building up a few timeless essentials in the wardrobe. Then find a few trendier pieces that can be matched along.

Finally, if your budget allows, go for the trendiest styles of the season. Most of your wardrobe should be filled with clothes and accessories that define your personality, not that of a celebrity. Remember, fitting, material, quality and design of clothes matter more what some popular person is wearing on the red carpet.

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