Plastic bags have been used for years by consumers in the west and for years their environmental impact has gone largely unnoticed. Recent changes in attitudes towards the product means plastic bags and plastics, in general, are becoming less popular and various financial incentives have been used to reduce their use.

So what is the future of plastic bags and is the future an environmentally friendly paper world?

How do paper and plastic bags compare?

Working out the carbon footprint of a plastic bag is slightly more challenging than it sounds. Most data shows that in order to get the most carbon value out of your paper bags you must make sure they are receiving adequate use.

Despite them being different products there are some metrics where paper and plastic bags perform the same. Both have to be transported to be used so both impact on the climate through fuel costs. Similarly landfill and other disposing costs are equally environmentally damaging.

The agreed estimate for the carbon footprint of plastic is roughly about 6kg of Co2 per kilogram of plastic. From this, you can work out the impact your personal plastic bag consumption with a good online calculator.

As shown the impact of plastics is considerable. Current research suggests that around 91% of plastic based products are disposed of within a year. Adopting paper bags is a simple step to take towards ensuring your carbon footprint is as small as it can possibly be.

How can reusable paper bags help the environment?

There is a lot of conflicting research on the impact of paper bags on the environment and whether they are better or worse than there plastic counterparts. The answer to the bag question is one of usage.

Current research indicates that you should use a paper bag at least 3 times to mitigate the environmental impact of its production, and it goes without saying that the more you use it the better for the environment.

Paper bags also have the added benefit of not appearing to be jellyfish to unsuspecting turtles and other forms of sea life. Indeed paper bags do not threaten the life of our oceans at all.

Whilst nearly all plastic and paper bags waste ends up in landfills a lot become stray waste and the majority of the stray waste that ends up in oceans is plastic. Here is where a biodegradable paper bag is an obvious help as it does not threaten ocean life by polluting our seas and waterways.

Find the right paper bags for your business today

It can be challenging as a business to find a way to develop your environmental image whilst not compromising on costs. As an owner, if you want to reduce your business carbon footprint, then you might want to implement measures accordingly. Every small step counts! For instance, finding a high-quality paper bag supplier is a great way to ensure your business provides your customer with a good brand experience and has the added bonus of being great for the environment. Visit the Paper Bag Co today for a fantastic product.