We’re so delighted to see that events and get-togethers are able to start happening again post COVID-19. We work with many clubs and teams who will be excited to be able to finally host a long-postponed club dinner or group gathering – and will be keen to celebrate by dressing up for the occasion! Therefore, it might be a good time for your club to create some custom ties to make a special meet-up even more memorable. 

Whether it’s football, rugby, cricket or golf, a custom-made tie for your team or club can bring with it a range of benefits, so let’s take a look at some of the advantages that they can offer.

Creating a uniform look

Many members of sports clubs enjoy getting changed from their sports kit into a suit and tie, to celebrate an occasion such as an awards dinner or an away day. We’ve helped many sports clubs and teams to create a unique look based on their club’s logo or kit design, with our team of in-house designers lending a hand to help them find the perfect tie, tailored to team colours or logos. Some of our past customers include:  

The English Gymnastics Association

The English Gymnastics Association chose to create a diagonal twill tie, decorated with an all over shadow logo, as well as including their main logo at the tip of the tie.

Premiership Rugby

The Premiership Rugby tie was a silk woven tie in a shade of dark blue. This featured a distinctive all over icon of their trophy logo, in white, creating a super smart finish.   

Wycombe Wanderers FC

Wycombe Wanderers football club chose to add a smart tie to their kit, based on their blue team colours, as well as incorporating their iconic swan logo.

Wales Seniors Cricket Club

The Wales Seniors Cricket Club opted for a navy twill tie, featuring diagonal stripes as well as a distinctive Welsh dragon logo. 

A sense of inclusion

There’s no denying that a custom created tie will provide a unique finish to an outfit, but they can also help to create an important sense of inclusion within the team. Many sports teams and clubs will know that it’s very important to make sure that each member of the team feels part of the wider group. A specially-made piece of kit can really enhance this feeling of camaraderie. As well as helping to improve performance on the pitch, it creates a sense of team spirit when off it. New club members will also benefit from feeling like a part of the team if they are given a custom-made tie when they join.

A unique memento

Club ties are a great way to promote your club if they are worn to events – it’s a bit of free advertising for your team if someone is supporting your cause through their choice of neckwear. Club ties can often become an important and collectable memento, a symbol of a specific time in your life.  Many people like to have a physical reminder of a past event or occasion to keep as a souvenir and ties, as with other accessories such as cufflinks and handkerchiefs, can become a great collectable.    

Here at James Morton we can help you to find the best design to incorporate your club’s logo, identity and team colours. We will work with you to make sure that it meets your requirements and can also provide product samples to help you chose the best finish. Once you have found your favoured style and design, we can also help you to manage any repeat orders, making the ordering process much easier going forward. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your team with their bespoke requirements.