Before the pandemic, many of us would make the commute to our office each weekday morning. This would often bring us to a business park which provided office space and facilitates to a range of different businesses. Seeing the signs on doors and buildings, you would get a sense of the different industries each business would work in. While many of us have been forced to work from home over the last 12 months, we will again return back to offices, and business parks and centres will fill up again.

For this reason, business centres and parks need to be aware of their responsibility to their tenants. One of these responsibilities is handling waste management. There are several key reasons why the people running these parks and centres must understand their tenants waste management needs, and we are going to look at some of them below.


Like any property owner, business parks must ensure that their tenants’ facilities are safe and fit for use. Waste management plays a key role in this. All businesses produce different forms of waste and most can be safely disposed of by using something similar to this commercial dumpster rental site. However, some may pose safety concerns for other people working around the site. If, for example, there are any manufacturing businesses in the business park, there needs to be the appropriate facilities for them to dispose of their waste safely.

Another area where park or centre managers need to be aware of waste is buildings’ communal areas, such as the kitchens. Waste bins here will likely contain food, and these need to be emptied regularly to ensure harmful bacteria does not develop and put those using the kitchen at risk of illness.

Environmental impact

Businesses have become more aware of their environmental impact than ever before over the last few years, and waste management is definitely a part of this. Business parks and centres need to be doing their part to provide the facilities to allow their tenants to reduce the environmental impact of their waste.

There are two parts to this. Firstly, encouraging more environmentally friendly waste disposal. This can be done simply by increasing the signs and notices around buildings encouraging those working there to recycle as much as possible. To go with this, providing the necessary recycling bins and making sure there are enough of them to allow people to recycle the waste they can. Secondly, making sure that the centre’s commercial waste management partners are committed to disposing of the waste generated in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


One of the key areas for business waste management is how waste containing sensitive personal data is disposed of. This should be an area that the centre or park manager discusses with their tenants to identify their needs. Some businesses will produce a lot of waste documents that require careful disposal. Documents containing personal data are usually shredded or stored in a secure location before being disposed of professionally. The repercussions for businesses who fail to store and then dispose of personal data correctly can be significant, so business parks and centres should do everything they can to help their clients in this regard.

If you run a business park or centre and don’t currently work with a commercial waste management company, they will be able to help you manage the waste disposal needs of your tenants. Hopefully, for businesses who may be based in one of these parks or centres, this article highlighted some areas you can talk to your centre or park manager about if you feel it is not being addressed at the moment.  

Thanks to JBM Environmental Services for their help in putting this article together. They offer a variety of waste management services to businesses across North East England.