We all want a fast conveyancing process but failing to plan before finding a property may lead to a failed transaction which could be costly.

To begin when thinking of moving house in the UK you would source a whole of market mortgage Broker to find you the best mortgage deal. A Broker that has the ability to resolve issues fast is critical to a successful completion. Mortgage deals can change and suddenly what you thought was available may be pulled and a replacement deal may need a higher deposit.

You need to have a safety net and a good Broker can do just that. If you are remortgaging then a Broker may suggest that you take the free legals but often delays can cause you to miss that beneficial interest rate. The bottom line is that you want key professionals that will act fast to get the deal done.

Protect Your Property Transaction

Once you have a ‘mortgage in principle’ you can then compare conveyancing pricing. The internet is a great place for this but beware of headline pricing to hook you into what seems a cheap deal.

The comparison websites provide a source to view pricing. When working out your budget you should avoid websites that want your personal details upfront. The obvious will happen if you use these type of websites ,you will get emailed and called which of course is a waste of time for all parties.

Use a website such as Homebuyer Conveyancing to help you make an informed decision on who to use should you place your property on the market or simply buying a property. No personal details are required when viewing the many concise quotations. Results can be filtered by price, location and by approved mortgage Lender.

Which Conveyancer To Instruct And Why It Matters

You need to understand what conveyancing is involved with your own potential transaction. The conveyancing quote process should cover :-

  1. The necessary disbursements
  2. The ability to get a timed call back from your chosen Solicitor firm
  3. A clear way of protecting some of the costs should your transaction fail
  4. Alternative faster searches should your Local Authority have a backlog

The above 4 requirements are covered when you view the accurate conveyancing quotes from the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. You get a search pack that includes a chancel search combined with a search pledge.

The search pledge, should your transaction fail through no fault of your own, another set of property searches will be supplied for free for your replacement property.

If you do decide to proceed with a Homebuyer quote you enter your email details and select a call back time convenient to you. A no hassle approach to finding the right Conveyancing Solicitor. They even have a helpline 0345 463 7664 which you can call to discuss your options.

Service Is Related To Solicitor Capacity Planning

If a Solicitor takes on too much work their service levels to you can be a problem and transactions may take longer and worse case fail. Homebuyer supports you by only showing Solicitors that have available capacity. Once capacity is reached the Solicitor is unavailable.

A Homebuyer Conveyancing Service With A Smile

Let’s face it we all want to get to exchange of contracts as fast as is possible and by careful planning before offer acceptance stage you can remove many of the issues that potentially will delay your property transaction.

  1. Instruct a Solicitor when you place your property for sale
  2. When buying a property instruct before offer acceptance stage
  3. If you are both selling and buying property then consider the advantages of using the same solicitor. Check the Solicitor is approved to work for your Mortgage Lender.
  4. Use a Solicitor that provides a fixed fee quote
  5. Need a faster process as you have a deadline – Call 0345 463 7664 and speak to Homebuyer Conveyancing direct. Let then do your legwork
  6. Understand what happens when a transaction fails. What potentially will be your loss?Many solicitors provide a no sale no fee quote

Make progress today and compare conveyancing quotes fast with Homebuyer Conveyancing. A comparison website where you can compare like for like quotes with no hidden surprises. Make today count as a planning day.