If you’re looking for a new venture that is sure to make you some money, then you should consider starting a PCB business. By entering the world of printed circuit board creation and distribution, you could stand to make a boatload of cash because other businesses are always on the lookout for assistance with their attempts at 3D printing. More importantly, however, you would embark on a career path where no two jobs are the same.

Still not convinced that starting a PCB business is for you? Make sure to read on, then, to find out why you should at least consider such a venture.

The ROI potential is massive

Today, PCB tools are very much in demand because of the way they make the process of designing and printing circuit boards to be so cheap – as evidenced by Altium, CircuitStudio, one of the leading PCB design tools, is incredibly affordable in relation to the work it can perform. Not only are they affordable, however, but the work that PCB tools perform induces high-profit margins – businesses all around the world are now clambering for 3D printing, which means, as a provider of PCB tools or services, you could tap into one of the world’s most burgeoning markets. The ROI potential of starting a business in this field, then, is massive.

There’s barely any competition

Although it has been growing in recent years, the PCB market is still a relatively small and untouched one. With little competition out there for you to contend with, then, your venture could prove to be a very successful one within a short period of time. All you need to do to get started is to source your PETG filament and get a 3D printer. Smaller 3D printers are coming down in price and filament is easy to get hold of, so to start your business up all you need is a few pieces of hardware and some expert computer knowledge, which you might already have.

You won’t be facing no competition at all whatsoever, however. To put yourself ahead of the small number of other businesses in your market, you should focus on providing a niche product for a specific group of people. You could offer PCB software specifically for marketers, for instance. In this particular instance, you would offer design tools that allow for the easy creation of visual stories and marketing campaigns.

Entry options are easy

In order to crack a whole new market, you need an easy entry option. Fortunately, in the PCB market, you’ll find just that. If you have a designing abilities and 3D printing know-how in your skillset, especially, then you’ll find it easy to enter the world of PCB. For one, you’ll be able to identify potential clients with the utmost of ease. What’s more, your business could remain owner-operated for a fair amount of time, and you really wouldn’t have to hire any employees until you decide to scale up. This keeps upfront costs down but your ROI up.

The bottom line is that starting a PCB design business is a good idea. You should have some prior knowledge about the industry before jumping head first into it, though. By understanding the ways in which printed circuit boards are built, and by knowing how they can be used to better the 3D printing industry, you’ll be able to give your customers exactly what they want.